Matthew T. Hume / Hume Projects LLC


Hume Projects is a western New York based Design, construction and refined fabrication studio founded by Matthew Hume. The Studio focuses on the duality of architecture and the shifting of the current paradigm to be more inclusive of both design and construction practices. This allows the studio to develop more poignant design solutions for every project and develop a sophisticated understanding of materiality and detail. Research plays a critical role in the studio as a means to develop new construction technologies and solicit new possibilities within architecture.

Matthew Hume’s research focuses on scalar shifts of latent material behaviors that effect our spatial experiences and assist the construct in becoming more integrated into its environment. This research relies on sensitivity to ones environment, the natural tendencies of materials, and the notion of change relative to the elements.

Matthew Hume’s work has been published in books such as Autogenic Structures and Warped – Experiments in Ply Construction and in magazines such as AD and Wood Design and Building. Matthew Hume’s work has been exhibited at UB center for the arts (buffalo, NY), Cannon Design (Grand Island, NY) The Storefront for Architecture (New York, NY), and The University of Michigan Taubman Collage (Ann Arbor, MI).


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