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001 Reflexive Architecture Machines {publication}

Posted in Uncategorized by mhume on June 30, 2009

Reflexive Architecture Machines

Recent publication introducing the recent research conducted at the CVA at SUNY Buffalo School of Architecture. The works of Professor Omar Khan, and thesis candidates James Brucz, Matt Hume, and Nick Bruscia are featured.Link: LULU

Omar Khan:
Reflexive Architecture Machines presents a series of architecture machines that reflexively address material and information agency in the forming of space. They re-imagine ways of shaping conventional materials such as rubber, concrete, plastic and wood, using computational strategies to develop more complex relations between parts and wholes. This fundamentally challenges the static nature of these industrialized materials and sensitizes them to the ephemeral and dynamic qualities of the environments in which they are fabricated and eventually deployed. The projects rethink the forms and, more importantly, the tools that will bring them about. The work is the outcome of design research conducted in the Situated Technology Research Group at the University at Buffalo Department of Architecture.